hello and welcome to graha.waifu.ist—a shrine for the bestest boy g'raha tia in both the sense of a fanpage and my own little place of worship.

raha has been in my life for just over a year now, and he already means the world to me! i'm working on this page as a way to show my adoration for him in the form of something more thorough and heartfelt than a social media post.

this site will contain spoilers for a realm reborn, shadowbringers, endwalker and beyond! this site also celebrates raha in all of his forms from all expacs <3 i love him no matter what!


g'raha tia (known to some as raha) is a miqo'te from the island of corvos. not much is currently known about his early life, other than that he was sent to sharlayan, away from his tribe, to protect him from garlean takeover - as he could have been targeted for his then-singular red allagan eye.

while starting off as a side character, he eventually becomes an important part of the main cast. though he is mainly a caster, he's can also use a sword & shield. he's youthful, eccentric and silly but also an old soul at the same time.. he's prone to impostor syndrome when around his heroes, and is easily flustered. most important of all, he is cute!!